Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Welcome Video

We are getting closer to the launch of our new website ... here is a preview of the welcome video:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ladies Guild Annual Coffee Morning, 4 May 2013


St Hildeburgh's beautiful church is famous for the flower arrangements created by the church’s Ladies’ Guild, especially at Easter, Harvest and Christmas.
Most of the flowers are paid for by a single fund-raising coffee morning, this year on Saturday, May 4 – just when the church grounds will be carpeted with bluebells, providing an extra incentive to come along.
There will be cake, book and bring & buy stalls, a tombola and a raffle.
The event runs from 10.30am-12noon and admission, costing £1, will include unlimited coffee or tea and biscuits.
St Hildeburgh's, the parish church of Hoylake, is on the corner of The King’s Gap and Stanley Road, opposite the Green Lodge.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vicar's Annual Report for 2012-13

The Vicar of Hoylake (Rev'd Paul Rossiter): 
Annual Report for 2012 to 2013
It is over twelve months since I was appointed as vicar of St Hildeburgh’s Parish Church here in Hoylake and in my time here I have found a wonderful sense of commitment and determination to move the Parish forward. May I take this opportunity to thank everyone here for their support, from the Standing and Finance Committee, to the Parochial Church Council and to everyone who has contributed in any way over the past twelve months I have truly been impressed and excited by what we have achieved here in Hoylake.

I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit is moving within this place, and i take every occasion to promote that to people I come into contact with.

There have been many highlights this past twelve months. I could mention many, but there wouldn’t be time. However I do think it is worth mentioning some of them, such as the increase in numbers to our congregation and the increase in children attending our services. Easter and Christmas were truly amazing, and some of my thanks must go to the work with ‘Mums and Tots’ and our work with the ‘Voyagers’ – our children’s group.

Another occasion that was special was the confirmation preparation and service in which some of our church members were confirmed, a first for a good few years.

Again Lifeboat Sunday was wonderful and important, followed by the BBQ at the vicarage, that will be an annual event, long may it continue.

Another first was our communion in a secular setting which was well attended at the Monte Carlo Restaurant on Market Street, again we will continue with this at least one more this year.

Our new (or not so new) organist has been a wonderful addition to our team, and we are benefiting from the work that has been put in.

We have had the introduction of new family praise service that is slowly starting to be beneficial to the growth of our church, as well as the increase in numbers of Baptisms, and Weddings.

Because the church is working more closely with community there has been a significant increase in funerals, which believe it or not, generate a healthy church.

Our Christmas Tree Festival was amazing - long may it continue, and our ‘Growth Action Planning’ (GAP) teams are working with increased vigour which is always a good sign and the Baptism team continue to support me and keep me in check.

There is a lot in the pipeline that I believe is exciting. One is the continued work with Holy Trinity School; the second the work with various nursing homes; and third, much needed improvement to our facilities for worship within Church.

In the coming twelve months, I will be running a discipleship course, at the vicarage, and will be looking towards people to think about engaging in a foundation course for ministry. 

The greater work of our Gap groups is, and should be, in looking outwards to the community and beyond - Jesus was our supreme example of going about and helping those in need and I hope that in some way we are trying to do this.

This year there is a Pentecost day planned at Kingsmeade School and we will play a big part in it, as will other local churches, and I hope this will honour God in the community. I have said we will help St John’s, Meols, with their Labyrinth and will be looking for help. The Bishop will lead a service in the evening and the day’s activities will be given over to children’s events and something for everyone.

I can’t stress how much we have moved forward as a worshiping community and have been blown away by everyone’s support.

That said we do have at least one significant challenge ahead and that is without doubt planned giving, I am sure with increasing numbers we are able to pay the parish share and to afford all the costs of maintaining the building while also supporting ministry. But we do have keep it in the forefront of our minds and ensure the message is heard by everyone.

May I take this opportunity to thank a number of people who wish to remain anonymous for their wonderful donations, without these wonderful gifts, my job would have been more difficult and the church would not be moving forward so quickly, my thanks goes not just from me but the whole church.

I have purposely not mentioned people by name, as it is very easy to miss someone out. But what stands out for me is the enthusiasm to let God lead us, and be willing to trust in our Saviour as we continue to grow our church. So my thanks go to every one of you and let us look forward together to another wonderful twelve months. So may God bless us as we move forward as one!
Rev’d Paul Rossiter,  VICAR of HOYLAKE

Pictured below: Rev'd Paul at the Lifeboat BBQ mentioned above:


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Annual Meeting and Elections 2013

Many thanks to all those who came along to our annual church meeting yesterday, Sunday 21 April 2013.

We are pleased to announce that the following were elected:

Carron Jones and Paul Irvine

Allan Mearns, Jane Langley, Tom Lang and Nigel Hall

Robin Hastie, Jill Rawcliffe and Wyn Prebble

Jenny White

Friday, April 19, 2013


Rachel Dennis, the Hoylake hairdresser well known to many of our worshippers, is opening her business from 10am-2pm on a Sunday, May 5, donating ALL MONEY TAKEN to the setting-up fund for our Flower Festival. She is not setting a charge but inviting donations for a cut-and-blow or blow-dry. Book on 0151-632-1858. Spread the word. Custom­ers of both sexes welcome.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Plans for a New Audio Visual System for St Hildeburgh's Church

Last week our Parochial Church Council discussed and agreed to another exciting development for St. Hildeburgh’s: the installation of an audio visual system. The great news is that this is being made possible by a very generous donation specifically for this purpose that will largely cover the cost. The new system – similar to that now used in many churches – will involve the installing of a screen at the front of the church, attached to the wall by the chancel arch that will fold away and be unseen when not in use. There will be a digital projector, linked to a laptop computer and this in turn will be linked into our existing sound system. We hope to have the new system installed by the autumn.

The new system will be of particular use for our family services, school services and similar. Images, text, words of hymns and presentations will be projected direct from the laptop onto the screen. In addition, the new system will enable us to host lectures, presentations and other events in St. Hildeburgh’s – so placing us further still at the heart of the local community.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Christian Aid Week 2013 Approaches!

A reflection on Christian Aid Week from our parish's 
Christian Aid Organizer, Sheila Waring:

May 12-18 will be Christian Aid week. I know there are many calls for our charitable giving: the media is daily pulling at our heartstrings, but this particular week is our special annual appeal.
St Hildeburgh’s did well last year, collecting just over £1,000, but personally, I am not a competitive animal. To me, the arrival of Christian Aid Week gives us the opportunity to get out into the community and show that we are Christians. Christ is the light of the world and we should reflect that light.
On returning from our winter away in Spain, Brian and I noticed an air of excitement and expectation in St Hildeburgh’s as the congregation has grown. I often think of two hymns having particular significance at this time of year: a line from the Christmas carol “What can I bring Him, poor as I am?” and “Whom shall I send…Here I am Lord”, for here we have the oppor­tunity to answer both, by volunteering to deliver and collect Christian Aid envelopes in that designated week.
Last year ALL the envelopes were delivered, but only because many people dealt with several streets, and that can be tiring. If many people took one set of envelopes, how easy the task would be.
I must admit you do meet the occasionally awkward situation. I recall three incidents, which bring a smile at the memory of last year. First, when I knocked, a dog threw itself, barking, at the door. I stepped back hastily, but the lady was most apologetic, scolding her pet and smiling as she handed over her gift.  Secondly, one gentleman told me that his wife had “thrown it into the bin with the rest of the rubbish”! I smiled, thanked him and said, ‘God bless’ and thirdly, a hefty young man, munching on enormous bacon butty, said he’d lost the envelope, but declined my offer of a replacement.  What can I say?
So “Come and join the cheerful throng” for here is that easy opportunity to show our community that Jesus is alive and well and living in Hoylake!  I’ll give any new volunteers help and advice on how to go about the task. It’s probably more enjoyable if you find someone willing to accompany you. Brian was a great help. It was my first time last year and I learned a lot. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hoylake’s beautiful parish church is set to become even lovelier this summer when a flower festival is staged in the historic building.
St Hildeburgh’s will be bedecked with gorgeous blossoms in no fewer than 30 displays throughout the church. The town’s World War I memorial, honouring the 168 Hoylake men who died, which stands in St Hildeburgh's wooded grounds, will also be specially decorated.
The festival, with the theme of The Glory of Creation, is to be opened by Esther McVey, MP for Wirral West and Minister for the Disabled, on the year’s longest day, Friday June 21, and will continue to Sunday, June 23.
The festival is being widely supported, with the floral art societies of Wirral, Hoylake, New Brighton and Heswall joining the members of St Hildeburgh's Ladies’ Guild to create the arrangements. Themes of the 30 displays will range from the sublime, entitled Eternity's Sunrise, to the humorous, with Great British Bake-off.
Festival times will be: Friday 7-9.30 pm; Saturday 10am-5pm; Sunday 11am-4pm, followed by Songs of Praise. Refreshments will be available throughout the event.
St Hildeburgh's Church, Hoylake, is at the corner of The King’s Gap and Stanley Road (opposite the Green Lodge).
Tickets will cost £4. For availability, contact the organiser, Brenda Gande on, or watch this website.